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My name is Iden, and I'm a professional tutor working throughout the Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, and Lamorinda areas. I have been a professional educator for 8 years. I tutor English, Math subjects through Pre-Calculus, SAT and ACT test preparation, and many Science subjects! I can travel to any part of Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, El Cerrito, or the Lamorinda to meet for tutoring. My rate is $100/hour, but I also work on a sliding scale. You can reach me by phone to arrange an appointment at (415) 400-6261, or send me an email.


My daughter has consistently struggled with retention and understanding of math concepts. This past year Iden began tutoring her in geometry. After their first session Iden had a clear understanding of what basic foundational skills she needed to work on to understand geometry and the varied strategies he should use to address her particular learning style. Iden was able to very effectively teach her not only the concepts she was struggling with in class, but also the skills she was lacking to build her overall mathematical knowledge.

Thanks to Iden, my daughter did better in math than she ever had. Her grades immediately improved and she got an A in geometry. Most importantly, she became more confident in her ability to solve and understand math concepts due to the focused instruction she received that was tailored to the way she learned.

Iden has always been extremely professional and respectful. He is flexible and reliable. It is with great confidence that I would recommend him for tutoring students of all ages.

-- A Principal in the West Contra Costa Unified School District

Iden was professional at all times, and his communication was timely and impeccable. His tutoring was very helpful. His instruction gave my daughter new ways of understanding the material and the ability to perform on tests. Over the course of working with Iden, my daughter gained a belief that she could conquer math analysis. Instead of just plugging in numbers and using ambiguous formulas, my daughter was able to understand the material at a deeper level; understand why problems worked out the way they did. I regret that Iden was not brought in earlier in the year.

My daughter really enjoyed her sessions with Iden. Iden seems to have a natural ability to tune into the student and their needs. Iden listens specifically to my daughter's needs and understanding of the problem at hand. He also explains its possible applications and/or the role it plays in the study of mathematics. We saw that he was personally invested in teaching my daughter. Tutoring was instructive and tailored to my daughter's needs.

Iden was professional at all times, yet kind, gentle and patient. His instruction surpassed what her teacher had shown her previously, giving her new ways to comprehend the material.

-- A teacher in the West Contra Costa Unified School District


-Math: Arithmetic through Pre-Calculus


-Science: Chemistry and Biology

-SAT/ACT test preparation

Posted below is my resume.


- 8 years of private tutoring experience, particularly in Mathematics

- 2+ years working for The Princeton Review in classroom settings prepping students for the SAT

- Excellent reports from all past students and significant improvement in areas tutored

- Outstanding aptitude in Mathematics and English

- Top-notch communication skills, patience, and teaching ability


- Over 8 years of private tutoring in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and the East Bay of subjects from high school English to Calculus.

- Over 2 years of experience working with high school students to improve their SAT scores by an average of 200 points through The Princeton Review.

- 1 Year working with the Lafayette Academy tutoring many subjects as well as doing SAT and ACT preparation.

Teaching Method:

Comfortable, but diligent and thoughtful. All of my students have enjoyed my tutoring style because it feels more like someone is helping them understand the subject on a deep level than someone is in front of a class writing theorems on a white-board. I take specific care to explain the purpose and reason for everything that I teach so that the experience is comprehensive and not just memorizing some rules. Students learn better when they are given the full picture, allowed to absorb everything, and create relationships between information so that all lessons are integrated.


- Current San Francisco State University Student, San Francisco, CA

- B.S., Biology with a concentration in Physiology and a minor in Philosphy, Graduating Fall 2014

- Classes Taken:

-English (all General Education requirements)

-Math through Calculus 1 and 2

-Public Speaking

-General Philosophy, Formal Logic, Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, and Ethics in Medicine

-Lots of Biology, Physiology, and Chemistry classes and Physics through college Physics 2 (Chemistry through Organic Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology, Plant Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, etc)

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